Event Information

Event Name:Birds of Prey: Drumlin Farm Visits Westgate
Date:Jul 2, 2018  (Time: 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM)
Location:Westgate Lounge
Children allowed?Yes
Organizer Name:WEC
Organizer Email:westgate-prc@mit.edu
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Number of people signed up so far: 16
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Event Description

We are combining a educational program with real life animals for children ages 4-9 to understand animals and their habitats. We
will be exploring All living things are connected. Observe native animals, and learn about their adaptations, habitats, and interrelationships with each
other, humans, and the environment.
The program Birds of Prey observe native birds of prey and learn how specialized adaptations helpthem see, hear, fly, and catch food. Investigate the role that birds of prey
play within their ecosystems.

Please note this is an in-classroom program with live native wildlife. We will have a OWL and A Red Tail Hawk on site; please keep this in mind when you sign-up.