Westgate Study room space reservation

When using the space, please follow the rules:

• Do not move the furniture in the room, it is placed in a way that ensures users are socially distanced.

• Each study desk (or reservation) is for one user only. Please reserve both desks in the same study space if two users want to study together. Masks must still be worn and social distancing must be practiced.

• Clean any surfaces you touched before you leave the room. Cleaning supplies are provided in each study room. • Please be mindful of the other users of study rooms and keep noise to a minimum (no zoom calls, music, etc).

• Every resident can book up to 10 hours in a study room per week.

• The time slots for the next week will become available for reservation at the end of the preceding week.

• The study room can be used without a reservation, but users with a reservation have priority over users without a reservation.

• If a user has not claimed their spot in the study space more than 30 min after the start of their reservation, the spot is forfeited.

• If a user foresees a delay of more than 30 min, please adjust the reservation to prevent the entire reservation from being cancelled and make the slot available for other users to reserve.

• Masks have to be worn in the study rooms at all times (except for the basement kitchen, which can be used for zoom calls). • Study rooms are accessible 24/7. Please be mindful of the neighbors and keep noise to a minimum.

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