[MIT Westgate Facebook Groups]
westgate spouses and partners – public
MIT Westgate– private

[Slack Group for Westgate Community]
We have a slack workspace for the communication platform for westgate community.
Slack is a flexible communication tool, and in the long term the idea is that this will replace much of the emails sent in the Westgate community.

Sign up here:

If you have not used slack before, here are some helpful videos to get you started:
Get started by signing up here.

[Community Garden]
Community Gardening at Westgate happens through individual plot gardening (located near the Westgate highrise shuttle stop) and through community garden planting (located between low-rise buildings C&D). Together, these efforts are coordinated by volunteer residents who support “growing” and healthy eating at Westgate. We encourage anyone interested to sign up to help water the community garden on the watering.
For more information, contact Community Gardening Coordinators (