If you are interesting in subletting your room while you are out for long leave of vacation. There is an option to rent your room through MIT on-Campus Sublicense Center.

We ask all the residents to read through the guideline written below.

Please be aware that posting your room or apartment on any short-term rental sites such as Airbnb, VRBO, etc., is also prohibited at any time. Any attempt to sublicense outside of the conditions described in your license agreement may result in the loss of on-campus housing.

MIT students who live on-campus housing have been granted a license to live in their units – not a lease. For this reason, we use the term sublicense rather than the move common term sublet.

If you are the legal license holder of a unit in MIT on-campus housing (resident) and you would like to sublicense it to another MIT affiliate, you are the sublicensor.

Sublicensor Guidelines:

  • Current residents may not sublicense for other family members.
  • Current residents may not sublicense another apartment on-campus during the dates they are still residing in their current assignment.
  • Family units cannot be sublicensed to single residents.
  • The sublicensor will continue to be billed as usual during the sublicense period and is responsible for collecting housing fees from the sublicensee.
  • The sublicensor must not charge more than the housing rates stated on the website for the current year.
  • A resident cannot leave his/her MIT ID card with any sublicensee.

Sublicense Center