Extended Residents Policy

An extended guest is a person who is not a dependent of the resident and wishes to stay in the residence for longer than 5 consecutive nights.
All residents must complete the registration process for extended guests with the Housing Operations Manager. Once registered, the extended guest will receive all items necessary for temporary access to the building. All items must be returned upon departure.

The following guidelines apply:

  • Residents are responsible for the extended guest and any damage caused by the extended guest will be billed to the resident
  • Extended guests must be aware of the policies of the community
  • Sleeping overnight in public areas is prohibited
  • Any stay longer than 30 days must be approved by the Housemaster/RLA; stays beyond 90 days will not be permitted
  • No more than two extended guests are permitted at any given time
  • Any extended guest who stays 30 days or more must wait six months before returning for an additional extended stay.

Violations of the extended guest policy could result in a range of actions from removal of guest to loss of housing.

Registration Process

[STEP 1]
The registration form is available here as well as from the House Manager. Please fill out the form and review the information with your guest.

[STEP 2]
Schedule an appointment with the House Manager to receive temporary access materials.
The guest must be present at the meeting and have a picture ID. A spouse/partner can register the guest. Once approved, the House Manager will make a copy of the picture ID and provide the extended guest with materials for temporary access to the building for up to 30 days.

[STEP 3]
Any anticipated stay above 30 days is sent by the House Manger to the Residential Life Associate (RLA) for additional approval. If the stay is not approved by the RLA, the host will be contacted and all temporary access materials will need to be returned to the House Manager by the date established.
If approved, the extended guest will retain temporary access until the completion of their stay.

[STEP 4]
All temporary access materials should be returned to the House Manager upon the guest’s departure.

If you have any questions regarding the process, please contact Michael Collins, the House Manager, at collinsm@mit.edu.