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Do NOT include MIT in your mailing address – it will only slow delivery. Your U.S. Mailbox is located in the outer lobby. Interdepartmental mail will be delivered to your apartment door.Packages or return-receipt mail will not be accepted for you by the building manager or staff.No boxes, packages, or other materials should be stored in the lobby.

Mailing Address :
[Low Rise (2BDR)]
xxx Street Name Apt. #xxx,
Cambridge, MA 02139

[High Rise (1BDR or Efficency)]
540 Memorial Drive Apt. #xxx,
Cambridge, MA 02139

The Westgate Playroom is located on the East side of the first floor. It is maintained and organized by the Parents’ Resource Coordinator.

–  PLAYROOM APPLICATION  (only for residents)

[Exercise Room]
The exercise room is located in the Southeast corner of the first floor. It contains a treadmill and an elpitical trainer.

–  ACCESS REGISTRATION  (only for residents)  


Lobby / Basement / Outdoors / Front Desk


Westgate has kitchen furnished lounge located in its basement. There are flat panel TV, Nintento Wii, and piano.
Residents may reserve time in the main lounge by reading the Lounge Reservation Rules.

–  BOOKING PAGE  (only for residents)  

[Library / Study Room]
It’s located in basement floor next to the lounge. It is comprised of resident donations and allows residents to borrow books without charge. A sampling of the catalog is available at LibraryThing.

[Laundry Room]
Laundry room is at the basement of the High-rise building. Machines are networked using Washlava which allows you to reserve machines and then pay for and monitor laundry cycles using a smartphone. (currently per-load cost is $1.25 )

– Download APP iOS / Android
How to
– For more: Laundry

[Basement Storage] -sub basement-
Every resident has one specific storage bin or closet assigned to their apartment. You may not use any storage space other than the one assigned to your apartment; doing so will result in the removal and disposal of any lock and stored items from the unassigned storage area. You must remove the lock, trash, and all items from the storage area for your apartment when moving out in order to avoid a fine charged to your account.

Storage Space Request (only for residents)


Lobby / Basement / Outdoors / Front Desk


The Westgate Playground is located next to the Westgate High-Rise. The playground at the centre of the Westgate is open to everybody and the TOYS are for everyone to use. Please note that while the playground is an open space for all to use please make sure you are watching your children. We want to make sure all kids are safe while playing in the community. We ask that all parents briefly review the playground rules.

[BBQ Pits]
Westgate has three coal BBQ pits and several picnic tables next to its playground. We ask that residents review the playground guidelines and MIT’s alchohol policy should they wish to use the BBQ pits and picnic tables. Please also read the BBQ Reservation Rules.

–  BOOKING PAGE  (only for residents)

[Community Garden]
Community Gardening at Westgate happens through individual plot gardening (located near the Westgate highrise shuttle stop) and through community garden planting (located between lowrise buildings C&D). Together, these efforts are coordinated by volunteer residents who support “growing” and healthy eating at Westgate. We encourage anyone interested to sign up to help water the community garden on the watering schedule. 


[Individual Garden Plots]
Located on Amherst Alley beside the Tang/Westgate shuttle stop there are 19 individual plots for personal use, 17 of which are given to Westgate residents and 2 to Tang. Gardeners grow fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers and other produce in their spare time, learn about tending a garden, and have fun. You do not need to have any experience with tending a garden, only curiosity and a willingness to learn. We will provide you with the necessary tools and materials and the rest is yours to learn, grow, eat and enjoy!


Lobby / Basement / Outdoors / Front Desk

Front Desk (Tang Hall)

[Package Pick Up]
Tang Hall is another graduate dormitory located directly adjacent to Westgate.  You can pick up your delivered package once you receive email from Front desk.

Since all the packages are collected to Front Desk, we highly recommend all the residents to set as the following address.

Package Delivery Address:
550 Memorial Drive Apt. #__,
Cambridge, MA 02139

[Equipment Rental]
Westgate residents may utilize many of the facilities offered at the front desk.

– List of available Equipment