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Do NOT include MIT in your mailing address – it will only slow delivery. Your U.S. Mailbox is located in the outer lobby. Interdepartmental mail will be delivered to your apartment door.Packages or return-receipt mail will not be accepted for you by the building manager or staff.No boxes, packages, or other materials should be stored in the lobby.

Mailing Address :
[Low Rise (2BDR)]
xxx Street Name Apt. #xxx,
Cambridge, MA 02139

[High Rise (1BDR or Efficency)]
540 Memorial Drive Apt. #xxx,
Cambridge, MA 02139

The Westgate Playroom is located on the East side of the first floor. It is maintained and organized by the Parents’ Resource Coordinator.

–  PLAYROOM APPLICATION  (only for residents)

[Exercise Room]
The exercise room is located in the Southeast corner of the first floor. It contains a treadmill and an elpitical trainer.

–  ACCESS REGISTRATION  (only for residents)