Mailing Lists

Westgate maintains the following email lists. 

This is a list reserved for special notifications from the Westgate House Manager, Program Manager and Graduate Coordinator.
These may include notifications of scheduled power outages, water shutoffs, fire alarm tests, and construction.

This is a list reserved for advertisements for official Westgate or MIT events and activities.

This is a list for general resident discussion.
Any resident may post to it and residents often use it to ask for advice, sell items or advertise events.

This is a list for parenting related discussion.

A group for full-time graduate students and postdocs who are mothers. A monthly lunch is held in the Margaret Cheney Room (3-310). Come share your stories, seek support, and connect with other graduate student and postdoc moms.

* To remove yourself from lists, please follow the MIT mailman links above. Remember you may be subscribed to multiple lists and you will need to unsubscribe using the original email address used to first subscribe (in case of email forwarding).

**Note that there has been issues in the past with using Hotmail accounts to receive emails from MIT mail lists. We recommend signing up for the Westgate lists with a non-Hotmail account.