[MIT Net]
MIT students living in dormitories have access to MITnet through a wired and wireless network connection in all rooms. Each room is equipped with thernet data port per resident and complete 802.11b/g/a/n wireless coverage.  Please visit Registration Process for more information.

[MIT Cable TV]
Every apartment is outfitted with a cable television hook-up; however, MIT no longer provides coaxial cable service.
Instead, all residents have access to XFINITY On Campus, which is an online streaming service accessible with Kerberos credentials.
More about XFINITY On Campus visit IS&T.

Westgate has Athena network printer located in the highrise.
To print with the printer, please follow instructions on MIT’s IS&T website.

[MIT ID Card]
Spouses and partners of MIT students are eligible to receive an MIT ID card. For more information about eligibility, how to apply, and where you can use your MIT ID card please visit Atlas Service Center.

[MIT Certificate]
All spouses and partners who are living in campus housing will be able to register for a Kerberos account and MIT certificates.  
Directions for signing up for your Kerberos account can be found here.