Apply to be an Officer on the Westgate Executive Committee for 2021-22

Officer Application Guide

Westgate is one of two family residence halls at MIT, with around 200 families present at any given time. A strong team of resident leaders is critical for the activities, events, facilities, and services making up a vibrant community that so many of us call home!

Applicants should be motivated, dedicated, and eager to work individually and in teams to help facilitate the community objectives. Members of the Westgate Executive Committee (WEC) are exempt from lottery and get housing at Westgate during their tenure (minimum commitment of 1 year), are given priority in housing allocation and transfers, and may earn continuing status through long-term satisfactory service (minimum 2 years).

We encourage applications from students and families with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Anyone eligible to live in family graduate housing next year (must be an enrolled graduate student, 2021-22) may apply for an officer position. Post-docs may not apply since student housing cannot be guaranteed for them. 

Please email with any questions or comments.


  • Drive positive change in Westgate
  • Opportunity for meaningful contribution to the community
  • Exemption from lottery and priority for transfers at Westgate for the terms served on WEC
  • Continuing status at Westgate until graduation after 2 years of exemplary service on WEC 
  • Free lounge and barbecue rentals (once reopened)

Open Positions

  1. Social chair
  2. Parent’s resource Chair
  3. Parent’s resource Chair

You can apply to multiple open positions. Make sure to answer the questions related to each position in the application.

You may want to see the Frequently Asked Questions section for further clarification of common questions.

Application Timeline

March 8thApplications Open (Apply here –
March 8th-, 8-9pm
March-29th, 8-9 pm (both on Zoom)
Officer Meet and Greet (RSVP here –

Meet with the current WEC officers to learn more about the
positions and WEC in general
March 29th , 11:59 pmApplications Close
Apr 1 to Apr-3Zoom interviews for selected applicants
Apr 5Officer results sent out (48 hours to accept)
May 3, 7:00 pm
Officer transition meeting (attendance is mandatory for outgoing and incoming officers). If you are a new student joining MIT in fall 2021, don’t worry. We are working



General Commitments

This is a general overview of standard activities. Other activities may come up and voluntary participation is expected.

  1. One WEC general meeting per month. Some months will have two meetings.
  2. Two town hall events per semester.
  3. Help out with community-wide social events and orientation activities.
  4. Assist with the officer interview and selection process.
  5. Assist with taking stock of WEC inventory and with WEC cabinet, refrigerator, and storage cleanup.
  6. Other activities related to MIT housing, Graduate student life, etc. as they come up.

Role descriptions

  1. Secretary-Treasurer Chair
    1. This officer works closely with the WEC officers to coordinate the funding and budget for events throughout the year
      1. They keep track of funding applications and spending
      1. Must give a yearly budget report to the community
    1. The officer keeps and posts the minutes of each meeting
    1. Assist the other officers as needed
    1. This position must be held by an MIT student, or jointly by a student and partner
  • Community Resource Chair
    • This officer coordinates efforts to build community at Westgate
      • Organize the welcome and orientation program in collaboration with house management
      • Coordinate and promote events or projects led by residents
      • Help organize recurring events, including scheduling officers to run social hours and setting up sports/intramural teams

3.   Partners’ Resource Chair

  1. Provide support for spouses and partners living in Westgate
    1. Help make events inclusive and accessible to both international spouses and partners and those who are at home during the day
      1. Organize at least one event per month for the designated population
      1. This officer is the point of contact for relevant institute resources (including but not limited to MIT Spouses & Partners, MIT Medical, Violence Prevention Network)

4.   Parents’ Resource Coordinator

  1. Serve as a resource for residents with children and plan social activities for families with children
    1. Organize at least one event per month that serves the designated population
    1. Maintain the playroom (once it reopens) and purchase new toys for the playroom and playground using designated funds
    1. Ideal candidates for this position would be parents to represent the interests of parents


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I am traveling out of town over summer, can I still be an officer if that is the case?

Yes! We usually have meetings every month in the summer, but the attendance requirement is relaxed since many people are usually traveling at the time. The meetings during the academic semesters are mandatory and all the officers are expected to be present. Meetings are currently held virtually due to the COVID pandemic.  

  1. When will the new committee take over responsibilities?

The selected officers will come on board Oct-2020. October will be a month of transition between new and old officers. From November onwards, the new officers will take full charge.

  1. Is the exemption from the housing lottery limited to while you are on the executive committee, or does it continue after two years of service on the WEC? 

You are exempt from the housing lottery while you are on the WEC as well as after (given that you fulfilled 2 years of exemplary service).

For example, if you become an officer during your second year at Westgate you would not have to go through the lottery (which would be after your second year) because you would be serving on WEC during that time. If you only serve as an officer for one year, you would have to go through the lottery either after 2 years of residency at Westgate or the next lottery after you leave your position. If you serve 2 years on WEC with exemplary service, you would not have to go through the lottery for Westgate again and would be guaranteed housing in Westgate until you graduate.