WESTGATE Virtual 5k

Let’s get ready for Westgate’s Virtual 5k! This is an opportunity for the entire community to get out and have fun on a run… or walk! This 5k will be completed on your own schedule and the course you run is up to you! Complete your run by Saturday, September 26th @ 6:00pm  

Here’s how it works…

1)     Sign up on our google form in the link Below with the participants name, age, gender and email.

2)     Map out your run! You get to choose where you run… we will trust that you completed the full mile expectations for your appropriate group.

3)     Complete your run and send your run time to hmorey11@mit.edu no later than Saturday, September 26th @ 6:00pm  

Each participant will compete in the appropriate category for their age and gender. Below you will see the categories with the distance that must be completed.  Every child who participates will receive a small medal and the top two runners in each category will receive a prize of an awesome water bottle! 

Check out the categories and prizes below:

Ages 5 and under: 1/2 mile

Ages 6 to 9: 1 mile

Ages 10-17: 2 miles

Ages 18+ Female: 5k (3.1 miles)

Ages 18+ Male: 5k (3.1 miles)

Thank you for joining our community and having fun on this run!

This is the link for registration